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Dramatically Improved Constraints on Changes in Laws of Physics

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·         Improved measurements of how much the laws of physics change affirm the Bible’s description of the cosmos. Various biblical passages (e.g., Jeremiah 33:25) describe a universe with constant laws of physics. Using data from sources that emit a particular form of x-ray and gamma-ray radiation, an Indiana physicist placed very tight constraints on how much the laws of physics can change as one moves though space-time. Some of the improved constraints are 14 orders of magnitude tighter than previous estimates. As scientists’ understanding of the cosmos grows, support for RTB’s cosmic creation model, in which a supernatural Creator has designed the universe to support life, also grows. 

o   B. Altschul, “Limits on Lorentz Violation from Synchrotron and Inverse Compton Sources,” Physical Review Letters 96 (2006): 201101.


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