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Does the Sun Shrink?

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The possibility for human civilization requires exceptional stability in the sun’s luminosity. Such exceptional stability has been measured directly (see second reference) and also is implied by the solar neutrino flux (see RTB article). A new confirmation of extreme stability for the sun arises from the best limit to date on variations in the diameter of the sun. The upper limit is 4 kilometers or 0.0003 percent. Since such stability is so rare for a star and so temporal for the sun, it qualifies as evidence for divine design. It also contradicts the young-earth creationist claim that the sun experiences significant ongoing shrinking.

H. M. Antia, “Does the Sun Shrink With Increasing Magnetic Activity?” Astrophysical Journal, 590 (2003), pp. 567-572; A. T. Mecherikunnel, “A Comparison of Solar Total Irradiance Observations from Spacecraft 1985-1992,” Solar Physics, 155 (1994), pp. 211-221. 

Creation Update webcast on does the sun shrink (circa one or two years ago)

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RTB book: Creation and Time; The Creator and the Cosmos, 3rd edition

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