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Distinct Locations for Exotic & Ordinary Matter

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British astronomers strengthened the evidence for the biblically predicted big bang creation event when they confirmed that concentrations of exotic dark matter, ordinary dark matter, and ordinary visible matter are all geographically distinct from one another. Making the first-ever mass distribution measurement of a single galaxy by a purely gravitational lens method, the team showed that ordinary matter accounts for 65% of the total mass within the Einstein ring (the ring of light formed by the gravitational bending by the galaxy of light from a distant bright background source). They also detected that the ordinary visible matter was centrally concentrated and relatively flat, that the ordinary dark matter resided in a round halo, and that the exotic dark matter was situated in an even more distant round halo. The team’s observations confirm that there is no basis for doubting that the universe contains three different components of matter where each manifests a different geographical distribution. This finding establishes important predictions of the big bang creation model and helps prove a level of fine-tuning in the cosmic mass characteristics at least 1037 times superior to the best example of human engineering design.

o   S. Dye and S. J. Warren, “Decomposition of the Visible and Dark Matter in the Einstein Ring 0047-2808 by Semilinear Inversion,” Astrophysical Journal 623 (2005): 31-41.


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