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Astronomers used a correction of a fundamental cosmic distance-measuring tool to strengthen the evidence for the biblically predicted big bang creation event and for the supernatural design of the universe. The universe’s expansion rate is foundational for the physics of the big bang creation event and for the physics of stellar burning histories. The strongest scientific evidences for a supernatural Creator arise from this foundation. The favored standard for the cosmic expansion rate has been the Key Project measure based on Cepheid variable stars. The Key Project value for the cosmic expansion rate (72 kilometers/second/megaparsec), however, is slightly higher than other accurate measures. A team of American astronomers discovered a metallicity dependence for Cepheid distance measures. When this dependence is taken into account, it reduces the Key Project value for the cosmic expansion rate by 2.5 kilometers/second/megaparsec. This correction makes the most accurate cosmic expansion rate measures much more consistent. The correction not only enhances the evidence for a big bang creation event, it also increases the evidence for the supernatural design of the universe for the benefit of life and human beings in particular.

     Shoko Sakai, Laura Ferrarese, and Robert C. Kennicutt, Jr., “The Effect of Metallicity on Cepheid-Based Distances,” Astrophysical Journal 608 (2004): 42-61.


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