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Direct Proof of Dark Matter

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NASA’s X-ray telescope Chandra has provided a definitive verdict—dark matter exists—that buttresses RTB’s creation model. Measuring X-rays from a distant colliding galaxy cluster—1E0657-56—and comparing the measurements with optical observations, scientists clearly established that the dominant mass in the cluster is spatially separated from the X-ray-producing gas and anything else emitting electromagnetic radiation. Dark matter, by definition, interacts only gravitationally and not electromagnetically. As the collision proceeded, electromagnetically induced frictional drag slowed down the hot gas while the dark matter continued to move unimpeded. This direct proof of dark matter’s existence dramatically confirms big bang cosmology, which is a major component of RTB’s cosmic creation model.

o   “NASA Finds Direct Proof of Dark Matter,” NASA Press Release 06-297, August 21, 2006.


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