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Dim Central Black Hole

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A new discovery describing the structure of our Milky Way galaxy’s core reveals evidence for cosmic design. A requirement for life’s possible existence is that it reside in a large spiral galaxy where that galaxy’s central black hole is very dim. The Milky Way’s central black hole (Sag A), though massive (3.6 million solar masses) is remarkably faint at all but radio wavelengths. Astronomers have observed that Sag A’s faintness is comprised of intermittent sparks and comes from in-spiralling gas just outside the innermost stable orbit. This design feature establishes that humanity is kept safe today by the fact that Sag A is currently accreting very little gas. Therefore, the timing of humanity’s appearance and the structure of the Milky Way’s core seem no accident of evolution.

R. Genzel, et al, “Near-Infrared Flares from Accreting Gas Around the Supermassive Black Hole at the Galactic Centre,” Nature, 425 (2003), pp. 934-937; Ramesh Narayan, “Sparks of Interest,” Nature, 425 (2003), pp. 908-909.


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