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Design Revealed in Local Cluster of Galaxies

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A better understanding of the dynamics of the local cluster of galaxies has provided more evidence for design in the Milky Way Galaxy (MWG). Astronomers have long known of a warp in the disk of the MWG, but they did not understand the warp’s cause. Recent simulations show that the interaction of the MWG with the Magellanic Clouds—two small satellite galaxies in the local cluster—accurately reproduces the observed warp. However, if the Magellanic Clouds (or any other satellite galaxies) were any closer to the MWG, the warp of the disk would cause detrimental instabilities to the solar system region. RTB’s cosmic creation model predicts such fine-tuning as the work of a supernatural Creator preparing a fit habitat for life.

o   Martin D. Weinberg and Leo Blitz, “A Magellanic Origin for the Warp of the Galaxy,” Astrophysical Journal Letters 641 (2006): L33-36.


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Subjects: Galaxy Design, Universe Design

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