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Design of Ocean Microseisms

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Cyclones may be devastating but Earth could be much worse off without them. Jet Propulsion Laboratory scientists have found another design feature for the earth’s oceans. They discovered that ocean wave-wave interactions generate seismic energy roughly equivalent to that produced by earthquakes. Both the level and the vibration frequency of ocean microseisms must be fine-tuned to produce the ideal 1) rainfall and storm features for advanced life, 2) conditions to allow for abundant and diverse life forms on and in the continental shelves, and 3) rate of decrease in Earth’s rotation rate. Since the primary generator of ocean microseisms are cyclones and the slope of coastline land masses, these two factors, at least, must be fine-tuned for advanced life to be possible.

o   Sharon Kedar and Frank H. Webb. “The Ocean’s Seismic Hum,” Science 307 (2005): 682-83.


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