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Design of Location of Baryons in Galaxies

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American x-ray astronomers have provided more evidence for the supernatural design of galaxies and their surroundings for the benefit of life. They confirmed that most of the baryons (protons and neutrons) in galaxy clusters reside between, not in, the galaxies. The team’s observations showed that this counterintuitive result is probably caused by supermassive black holes in the large galaxies that create outward “winds” or “flows” that evacuate baryons from the galaxies. As such, these winds or flows are critical for life. If the ratio of baryons in galaxies to baryons between galaxies were slightly higher than what astronomers observe, galaxies in the universe would be too large and too numerous, yielding a radiation and stellar density that would make advanced life impossible. On the other hand, if the ratio were slightly smaller than what astronomers observe, galaxies in the universe would be too few and too small, yielding inadequate heavy elements to make advanced life possible. Such fine-tuning, combined with the dozens of other galaxy and planetary system characteristics that also must be fine-tuned, implies the existence of a supernatural, superintelligent Creator.

o   B. R. McNamara et al., “The Heating of Gas in a Galaxy Cluster by X-Ray Cavities and Large-Scale Shock Fronts,” Nature 433 (2005): 45-47.


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