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Design of Infall Velocity of Galaxy onto Groups

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A team of South American and American astronomers has uncovered a new design feature for the Milky Way Galaxy. Their study of the two most extensive surveys of nearby galaxies showed that all nearby galaxies exhibit an infall velocity (the velocity with which an object falls toward the center of a region of gravitational influence) toward the center of the nearest group of galaxies and/or the nearest cluster of galaxies. This velocity correlates with both the mass and luminosity of the group or cluster of galaxies. Compared to other nearby galaxies, the Milky Way Galaxy (MWG) has an exceptionally low infall velocity. Without such a low infall velocity, the MWG would have suffered gravitational distortions, which would have made the long-term survival of life on Earth impossible. Consequently, the existence of advanced life on Earth demands yet another fine-tuned characteristic of the MWG, namely its infall velocity. The accumulation of such galactic fine-tuned characteristics provides increasing evidence for a supernatural Creator. 

·         M. L. Ceccarelli et al., “Galaxy Peculiar Velocities and Infall onto Groups,” Astrophysical Journal 622 (2005): 853-61.


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