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Design of Extraterrestrial Impacts for Life

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Article in Science describes satellite imaging of the Moon that confirms conclusions derived from Apollo lunar rock samples and from meteorites of lunar origin, namely, that both the earth and the moon have suffered impact deformation from large asteroids and comets throughout the past four billion years. On Earth such impacts occur at the ideal frequency for removing old species of life in order to make room for new species that God creates so as to efficiently compensate for the increase in the solar luminosity and to as rapidly as possible prepare for human beings and human civilization. Another benefit is that some collisions such as the impact structure in Sudbury, Canada (diameter 250 kilometers) and in Vredefort, South Africa (diameter 300 kiolmeters) provide us with the planet’s riches deposits of nickel and gold respectively.

Wolf U. Reimold, “Impact Cratering Comes of Age,” Science, 300 (2003), pp. 1889-1890.

Creation Update webcast on the mass extinction and speciation events that followed the Triassic-Jurassic and Cretaceous-Tertiary catastrophes.


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