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Design of an Oxygen-Rich Atmosphere

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Studies of the oxygen content of the ancient Earth provide additional evidence for a supernatural Designer crafting a suitable habitat for life. A team of British scientists showed that an ozone layer is necessary before the oxygen content of the atmosphere will dramatically increase. However, to produce the ozone layer in the proper regions of the atmosphere, a sufficient amount of ultraviolet radiation is required, along with ample photosynthetic life that can produce enough oxygen. However, if the ultraviolet radiation level is too high, it adversely affects the very life that is producing the oxygen. So, even with photosynthetic organisms, without ample oxygen concentrations and fine-tuned amounts of ultraviolet radiation, a protective ozone layer does not form and the atmospheric oxygen content remains low. Such fine-tuned conditions are predicted by RTB’s cosmic creation model, in which a super-Intellect is responsible for preparing the universe, and Earth in particular, for life.

o       Colin Goldblatt, Timothy M. Lenton and Andrew J. Watson, “Bistability of Atmospheric Oxygen and the Great Oxidation,” Nature 443 (2006): 683-86.


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