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Design in Water’s Ability to Lubricate Faults

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Earthquake studies in Germany highlight more evidence consistent with the idea of a supernatural Creator fashioning a habitable planet for humanity. A just-right amount of tectonic activity is necessary for a planet capable of supporting life. Past research revealed the importance of water’s ability to lubricate faults in order to minimize the size of earthquakes. With the help of water, faults slip before too much pressure accumulates, resulting in smaller earthquakes. However, recent results from a team of German scientists reveal that too much lubrication makes some tectonically inactive regions susceptible to numerous small earthquakes. Just enough lubrication is needed to prevent large earthquakes, but not so much as to trigger a myriad of small earthquakes. Such fine-tuning of water’s lubricating effects argues for the activity of a supernatural Designer preparing Earth for human habitation.

o       S. Hainzl et al., “Evidence for Rainfall-triggered Earthquake Activity,” Geophysical Research Letters 33 (2006): L19303.


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