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Design in Earth’s Interior

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Studies of the waves generated during earthquakes continue to provide evidence of the amazing design of Earth’s interior. Earthquakes generate waves that propagate through Earth’s interior and reflect off regions where the composition changes. The boundary between the core and mantle (CMB) defines one such region and recent work demonstrates that the transition there is more complex than previously thought. In particular, the change includes a double transition (at least in some regions of the CMB), which serves as a blanket to keep heat from diffusing out of the core too quickly. This heat is responsible for generating Earth’s magnetic field and for driving plate tectonics. If the pressures at the CMB were much larger or smaller, this blanket would disappear, causing the magnetic field and plate tectonics to stop long before Earth attained its age of 4.5 billion years. RTB’s creation model predicts such design as the work of a supernatural Creator preparing Earth as a suitable habitat for long-standing life.

o       Bruce A. Buffett, “Taking Earth’s Temperature,” Science 315 (2007): 1801-02.


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