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Design in Earth’s Magnetic Field

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New observations and simulations reveal design in the behavior of Earth’s magnetic field. A measured decline of the magnetic field strength since 1840, coupled with the length of time since the last field reversal, led scientists to conclude that the field polarity was beginning to reverse. (Also, many young-earth creationists use the field strength’s decline to argue for a few-thousand-year-old universe.) However, new research reveals that the current magnetic field strength is still larger than the average strength since the last reversal. The recent decline of the field is nothing unusual either. Further, stronger fields lead to longer times between field reversals. Thus, the high magnetic field strength and long period since the last reversal ensure the protection from life-threatening cosmic radiation required for human habitation. Once again, as scientists’ understanding of Earth increases, the evidence for RTB’s cosmic creation model—and the design it predicts— continues to grow.

o   Catherine Constable and Monika Korte, “Is Earth’s Magnetic Field Reversing?” Earth and Planetary Science Letters 246 (2006): 1-16.


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