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Density Constraints from Galaxy Cluster X-Rays

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An astronomer’s analysis has provided yet another confirmation that dark energy is the dominant density component of the universe, thereby strengthening the evidence for the biblically predicted big bang creation event and for the supernatural design of the universe. The astronomer used data from the Einstein Extended Medium Sensitivity Survey to show that the x-ray temperatures and luminosities of distant clusters of galaxies produce measures for the cosmic dark energy density and the cosmic mass density that are remarkably consistent with those obtained from 1) the WMAP satellite measures of the temperature fluctuations of the cosmic background radiation, 2) the measurements of Type Ia supernovae, and 3) measurements of x-ray temperatures and luminosities of other galaxy clusters. The indicated value of the dark energy factor demonstrates a level of fine-tuning at least 1097 times superior to the best example of human engineering design.

o   J. Patrick Henry, “X-Ray Temperatures for the Extended Medium-Sensitivity Survey High-Redshift Cluster Sample: Constraints on Cosmology and the Dark Energy Equation of State,” Astrophysical Journal 609 (2004): 603-16.


o   S. W. Allen et al., “Constraints on Dark Energy from Chandra Observations of the Largest Relaxed Galaxy Clusters,” Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 353 (2004): 457-67.


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