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Density and Average Mass of Galaxies

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A Russian astronomer has found more evidence that supports supernatural design—specifically, that the universe is designed to be more observable for humans and better suited for humanity’s well-being. His analysis of the best galaxy surveys has shown that the Local Volume (the volume within 100 million light years of Earth) manifests an exceptionally low density of galaxies and an exceptionally low average mass per galaxy. These conditions are critical for making the Milky Way Galaxy habitable by protecting our galaxy from catastrophic gravitational disturbances and violent star formation events. Such a low galaxy density and low average galaxy mass also give astronomers an unblocked view of the entire universe. Thus, it appears that the more we learn about the universe, the more evidence we uncover that we live in a universe that is optimally designed both to provide us with a good habitat and a window on cosmic history. 

o   D. Karachentsev, “The Local Group and Other Neighboring Galaxy Groups,” Astronomical Journal 129 (2005): 178-88.


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