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Definitive Cosmic Expansion Time Dilation Test

Observations by a team of American astronomers have provided scientists with a powerful new tool for establishing that the universe indeed continuously expands from a creation event as the Bible predicted more than 2,500 years ago. Their new method also demonstrates that the young-universe creationist model for cosmic expansion must be incorrect. In a universe that has continuously expanded from a creation event 14 billion years ago, Einstein’s theory of special relativity predicts that a supernova manifesting a redshift of 0.36 will take several days longer than a comparable supernova in the Milky Way Galaxy to proceed through a set of changes in its spectrum. Non-expanding universe cosmic models predict zero days while young-earth creationist models predict that the supernova will progress through its spectral changes nearly a million times faster! The team’s measurements on supernova 1997ex definitively confirm the biblically predicted cosmic creation model and at the same time falsify both non-expanding universe models and young-universe creationist models.

Ryan J. Foley, et al, “A Definitive Measurement of Time Dilation in the Spectral Evolution of the Moderate-Redshift Type Ia Supernova 1997ex,” Astrophysical Journal Letters, 626 (2005), pp. L11-L14.

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