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Deep Ocean Ventilation Design

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Scientists in Germany have uncovered more evidence that supports the supernatural design of Earth for maximizing the biomass and biodiversity of the planet. They noted that the salinity, temperature, and oxygen and carbon dioxide ventilation of the deep ocean all must be fine-tuned to sustain a maximal biomass and biodiversity in the oceans and to maintain the global carbon cycle, which is critical for all life. Maintaining the salinity, temperature, and ventilation of the deep ocean at the ideal levels requires fine-tuning of at least the following parameters: Earth’s rotation rate, placement and sizes of the continents, depth and sizes of the oceans, tidal force exerted by the Sun, tidal force exerted by the Moon, level of deep ocean subduction, level of deep ocean convection, salinity level of the ocean surface layer, atmospheric pressure and composition, and atmospheric transparency. Such design is testimony for a supernatural, superintelligent Creator.

o   Arne Körtzinger et al., “The Ocean Takes a Deep Breath,” Science 306 (2004): 1337.

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