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Debris Disks Show Solar System Design

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Greater understanding of the characteristics of sun-like stars has provided astronomers with additional evidence for the uniqueness and fine-tuning of the solar system. The sun’s outer debris field, known as the Kuiper Belt, contains objects that provide important information about solar system formation. Hubble Space Telescope images reveal debris disks around other stars analogous to the Kuiper Belt. However, these debris disks show a wide variety of sizes, densities, locations, and planetary configurations—even when looking at stars that astronomers expect would form solar systems like the sun’s. Instead of providing evidence for the averageness of the solar system, the images reveal the uniqueness and fine-tuning of the solar system, as predicted by RTB’s cosmic creation model.

o   Paul Kalas et al., “First Scattered Light Images of Debris Disks Around HD 53143 and HD 139664,” The Astrophysical Journal Letters 637 (2006): L57-60.


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