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Debate Over String Theory Enhances RTB Model Approach

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Debate in the scientific community regarding the experimental verification of string theories highlights the importance of RTB’s creation-model approach. While string theory carries potential to resolve substantial, fundamental scientific issues, a growing number of scientists cite its lack of experimental verification as a need to exercise caution. In the absence of experimental verification, some string theorists advocate using theoretical elegance and beauty to determine the truth of string theories. However, as George Ellis rightly notes by comparison, the “scientific opposition to ‘intelligent design’ centres on an insistence that for a theory to be scientific it must be testable, observationally or experimentally.” In contrast, RTB’s cosmic creation model makes numerous testable predictions, and therefore lies squarely within the realm of legitimate science.  

o   George Ellis, “Unburdened by Proof,” Nature 443 (2006): 507-08.


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Subjects: Big Bang, Origin of the Universe

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