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Dark Matter Properties First Measured

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Scientists’ determination of the first properties of the universe’s mysterious dark matter provides a test bed for verifying or falsifying RTB’s creation model. While dark matter comprises one fourth of the substance of the universe, scientists know little about its nature except for its gravitational properties. However, detailed observations of dwarf galaxies in the local cluster of galaxies permit researchers to begin extracting other properties, such as the temperature and minimum stable mass of dark matter clumps. Preliminary analysis indicates that the dark matter is not cold, as predicted by most big bang models. RTB’s creation model predicts a high degree of fine-tuning in the universe’s properties. Thus a finely tuned warm dark matter may resolve a number of difficulties that plague simulations of galaxy formation. Future observations promise to either confirm or falsify the fine-tuning predicted by RTB’s creation model.

o   Daniel Clery, “Dwarf Galaxies May Help Define Dark Matter,” Science 311 (2006): 758-59.


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