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Dark Matter Problem Resolved in Elliptical Galaxies

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A dark matter-related problem noticed in elliptical galaxies has been resolved by recent theoretical work, strengthening the case for RTB’s cosmic creation model. As astronomers made measurements of stellar velocities in the outskirts of ordinary elliptical galaxies, they found velocities that were slower than expected if the galaxies are embedded in a dark matter halo (as predicted by current cosmological thought). However, numerical simulations of mergers between two particular types of galaxies (with large amounts of dark matter) show that the observed velocities are reproduced by stars that are stripped from their original galaxies by tidal interactions. So, these observations are no longer a problem for cosmological models such as RTB’s cosmic creation model, where dark matter halos are the homes of galaxies.

o   A. Dekel et al., “Lost and Found Dark Matter in Elliptical Galaxies,” Nature 437 (2005): 707-10.


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