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Dark Matter Map Validates Creation Model

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An astronomical survey using the powerful Hubble Space Telescope (HST) provides additional support for RTB’s cosmic creation model by confirming important details of big bang cosmology. Computer simulations of how the universe develops—given the proper amounts of normal matter, dark matter, and dark energy—predict that the dark matter arranges itself into a filamentary web. The intersections of these filaments gravitationally attract the normal matter which then forms stars, galaxies, and clusters of galaxies. HST images allow astronomers to use gravitational lensing of these galaxies to map out the dark matter. A dark matter map extracted by an international team of scientists broadly confirms the central predictions of the computer simulations. In addition, the research presents smaller discrepancies scientists can use to test future models that include more details. This scenario exemplifies scientific progress and affirms the basic validity of RTB’s cosmic creation model.

o   Richard Massey et al., “Dark Matter Maps Reveal Cosmic Scaffolding,” Nature 445 (2007): 286-90..


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