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Dark Matter Distribution

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Although some Christians and atheists still question the veracity of the big bang, it continues to receive a steady stream of confirmations. Astronomers strengthened the evidence for the biblically predicted big bang creation event and for the supernatural design of the universe when they successfully distinguished the concentrations of exotic dark matter from the concentrations of ordinary matter in large clusters of galaxies. This study, based on gravitational lensing and velocity dispersion measurements, confirms an earlier result based on x-ray measurements that shows much of the dark matter in the galaxy clusters is located in “cusps” while the stellar component is not. Therefore, there is no basis for doubting that the universe contains a matter component that is different (exotic) in nature from ordinary matter. These measurements confirm an important prediction of the big bang creation model and establish a level of cosmic fine-tuning at least 1037 times superior to the best example of human engineering design.

     Amr A. El-Zant et al., “Flat-Cored Dark Matter in Cuspy Clusters of Galaxies,” Astrophysical Journal Letters 607 (2004): L75-L78.


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