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Dark Energy Constancy

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Astronomers have discovered more evidence for the universe’s fine tuning in new measurements on cosmic dark energy. The new measurements include six of the seven most distant type Ia supernovae yet discovered and indicate that the dark energy factor either does not change over cosmic history or “if it’s changing, it’s not changing very quickly.” The measurements also show that the universe transitioned from an expansion rate that slowed down to one that sped up about five billion years ago. The indicated value of the dark energy factor demonstrates a level of fine-tuning at least 1097 times superior to the best example of human engineering design. This evidence also strengthens the conclusion that dark energy yields the greatest evidence among all cosmic parameters for supernatural design.


Charles Seife, “Light from Most-Distant Supernovae Shows Dark Energy Stays the Course,” Science, 303 (2004), p. 1271.


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