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Dark Energy Confirmations

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Four different sets of observations (positions of blue-shifted light relative to matter-dense regions) independently confirm that dark energy plays a major role in governing the expansion dynamics of the universe. These confirmations strengthen the evidence for dark energy’s pervasive influence and for its extreme fine-tuning.

R. Scranton, et al, “Physical Evidence for Dark Energy,” submitted July 20, 2003 to Physical Review Letters,; Pablo Fosalba, Enrique Gaztanaga, and Francisco Castander, “Detection of ISW an SZ Effects from the CMB-Galaxy Correlation,” submitted July 18, 2003 to Astrophysical Journal Letters,; M. R. Nolta, et al, “First Year Wilkinson Anistropy Probe (WMAP) Observations: Dark Energy Induced Correlation with Radio Sources,” submitted May 7, 2003 to Astrophysical Journal,; Stephen Boughn and Robert Crittenden, “A Correlation of the Cosmic Microwave Sky with Large Scale Structure,” preprint, April 30, 2003,


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