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Danger Near the Spiral Arms

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Astronomers have discovered further evidence of the fine-tuned location of the solar system in the Milky Way Galaxy (MWG). By mapping the locations of both large and small molecular clouds in the MWG, two astronomers found that the larger clouds cluster near the spiral arms (where bright arms of star formation tend to spiral out from the center). If the solar system passes through a giant molecular cloud, the gravitational disruption and dust interactions would catastrophically disturb the delicate balances necessary for life on a planet like Earth. However, the solar system resides in between the spiral arms, thus minimizing the chances of an encounter with a giant molecular cloud. RTB’s cosmic creation model predicts such design in the location of the solar system. 

o   Antony A. Stark and Youngung Lee, “Giant Molecular Clouds are More Concentrated Toward Spiral Arms than Smaller Clouds,” Astrophysical Journal Letters 641 (2006): L113-16.


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Subjects: Galaxy Design, Solar System Design

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