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Cultural Diversity

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Evolutionists unwittingly uncovered evidence for the special creation and unique spiritual quality of the human species. Compared to other species of life human beings display an astonishing cultural diversity and an unprecedented diversity in language communication. However, unlike other species, these diversities find no correlation with genetic diversity. Moreover, instead of evidence for the gradual evolution of culture and language, they appear to explode upon the scene fully developed at the same moment that the human species appears. This evidence points to the special creation of humanity and to a human spiritual component not found in all other animals, since humans alone are created in God’s image.

Mark Pagel and Ruth Mace, “The Cultural Wealth of Nations,” Nature, 428 (2004), pp. 275-278. cgi-taf/DynaPage.taf?file=/nature/journal/v428/n6980/doi:10.1038/428275a

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