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Cosmological Parameters from Supernova Measurements are Reliable

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A new, reliable method for measuring cosmological parameters validates RTB’s biblical creation model. To measure the expansion history of the universe, astronomers need reliable ways to determine distances. Recently, they started using type Ia supernovae to measure distances and establish the existence of the finely tuned space energy density. However, if gravitational lensing significantly affected the brightness of these supernovae, results obtained from their study would be suspect. Recent results show that while lensing does affect an individual supernova measurement, it does not affect the average values used to calculate the universe’s expansion history. Thus, the evidence for fine-tuning—consistent with the work of a supernatural Designer—exhibited by the space energy density rests on firm ground.

o   J. Jönsson et al., “Lensing Magnification of Supernovae in the GOODS Fields,” Astrophysical Journal 639 (2006): 991-98.


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