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Cosmic Strings Confirm Cosmic Creation

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Detection of a gravitational lens (where light from a distant source bends around a massive object) confirms a prediction of the grand unified theory that underlies RTB’s creation model. This theory attempts to unify the strong, weak, electromagnetic, and gravitational forces into one unified force. The intense heat and density of the early universe ensured the unification of all four fundamental forces observed today. As the universe cooled, a phase change occurred as gravity separated from the remaining three forces. Like any phase change, defects arose in the resulting state. The nature of the defects remained unclear—points, strings, or sheets—although anthropic and observational constraints argued against points or sheets. Recent observations confirm that a cosmic defect in the form of a one-dimensional string provides the gravitational mass responsible for a lensed galaxy. By elucidating the existence and nature of the cosmic defects, this discovery buttresses RTB’s cosmic creation model.

o   M. Sazhin et al., “Further Spectroscopic Observations of the CSL 1 Object,” Astrophysical Journal Letters 636 (2006): L5-8.


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