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Cosmic Constraints from Cluster Baryon Mass

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An article in the Astrophysical Journal demonstrates that the ratio of baryon mass (mass made up of protons and neutrons) to total mass (ordinary plus exotic mass) in a cluster of galaxies is a universal fixed quantity throughout the universe. Since astronomers can measure the baryon mass with much higher precision than the total mass, baryon mass measures now permit powerful constraints on cosmic creation models. Initial results are remarkably consistent with the WMAP announcement that the total cosmic mass density = 0.27 and the space energy density = 0.73 confirming that the universe must have been supernaturally designed.

A. Vikhlinin, et al, “Cosmological Constraints from the Evolution of the Cluster Baryon Mass Function at z = 0.5,” Astrophysical Journal, 590 (2003), pp. 15-25.

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