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Cosmic Acceleration Confirmed

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Two University of Chicago physicists have confirmed both the fact of the universe’s acceleration and the immense fine-tuning it implies. To date, scientists’ knowledge of the universe’s acceleration, via the space-energy density, has been predicated on the validity of the theory of general relativity. In a recent study, the University of Chicago theorists confirmed the acceleration, assuming (1) that the universe is uniform and isotropic and (2) that it exhibits very general constraints on any relevant theory of gravity. They also showed that the acceleration has not been constant. The results confirm the existence of the tremendously fine-tuned space-energy density (or its equivalent), which gives rise to the acceleration. This work comports well with the work of a supernatural Creator fashioning a habitable universe, as described by RTB’s cosmic creation model.

o       Charles Shapiro and Michael S. Turner, “What Do We Really Know About Cosmic Acceleration,” Astrophysical Journal 649 (2006): 563-69.


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