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Continental Positions Show Fine-Tuning

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Geologists have uncovered more evidence of fine-tuning in the influences of continental positions on Earth’s climate. Using radioisotope differences between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, the scientists dated the opening of the Drake Passage (off the southern tip of South America) at around 40 million years ago. This opening permitted the establishment of ocean currents that dramatically affected the global climate. Interestingly the opening of the Drake Passage corresponded to an increase in biological activity and a decrease in global temperatures. Given the ever-increasing heat flux coming from the Sun, Earth requires properly timed cooling mechanisms like this one to prevent runaway greenhouse heating (or runaway glaciation from too much cooling). RTB’s cosmic creation model predicts such fine-tuning as the work of a superintelligent Creator intervening in Earth’s development to maintain a planetary habitat supporting maximum biodiversity.

o   Howie D. Scher and Ellen E. Martin, “Timing and Climatic Consequences of the Opening of Drake Passage,” Science 312 (2006): 428-30.


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