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Constants Still Constant

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Detailed astronomical observations continue to provide evidence that the fundamental laws of physics have not changed over time, as predicted by RTB’s cosmic creation model. Some alternatives to big bang cosmology and some young-universe models posit that various fundamental “constants” actually change value as the universe ages. Fortunately for scientists, any changes in the constants’ values have observable consequences that astronomers can detect. Recently, a team of international astronomers analyzed radio observations from distant quasars and found no evidence for any change in numerous fundamental constants. These results comport well with a model positing that a supernatural Creator has maintained constant laws of physics while preparing the universe to support life.

o       P. Tzanavaris et al., “Probing Variations in Fundamental Constants with Radio and Optical Quasar Absorption-line Observations,” Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 374 (2007): 634-46.


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