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Confirming Exotic Dark Matter

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Evidence for the biblical cosmic creation model has been strengthened as skepticism expressed by atheist astronomers and young-earth creationists about the existence of exotic dark matter has once again been put to rest. Results from the Lenses Structure and Dynamics Survey established that five galaxies located several billion light years away possess massive and extended dark matter halos. This discovery complements earlier observations establishing the existence of such halos for nearby galaxies. Consequently, doubts that exotic dark matter plays a significant role in the dynamics of the universe are unwarranted, as are doubts about the extreme fine-tuning (evidence for supernatural design) of the exotic dark matter density needed for the existence of physical life. Thus, the big bang creation model has successfully passed another test.

o   Tommaso Treu and Léon V. E. Koopmans, “Massive Dark Matter Halos and Evolution of Early-Type Galaxies to z = 1,” Astrophysical Journal 611 (2004): 739-60.


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