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Confirming Evidence of Fine-tuning in Early Solar Nebula

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Scientists continue to find evidence of fine-tuning in the early solar system as violent processes worked to enrich the solar nebula without destroying it. No single source is capable of producing all the elements of the periodic table.  Thus, the emerging picture of the early solar system involves multiple supernovae and numerous asymptotic giant branch (AGB) stars enriching the solar nebula with a variety of elements. All of these objects are capable of blasting solar nebulae away, preventing the formation of a solar system. Studies of small diamonds in meteorites conclude that some of the diamonds must originate in supernovae, while AGB stars produce other diamonds. These findings further buttress RTB’s cosmic creation model, which posits a supernatural Creator fine-tuning and timing these violent events to ensure the solar system forms with all the materials on which life depends.

o       Alexander B. Verchovsky et al., “Nanodiamonds from AGB Stars: A New Type of Presolar Grain in Meteorites,” Astrophysical Journal 651 (2006): 481-90.


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