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Confirmation of Type Ia Supernovae as Standard Candles

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The measurement of the existence of space-energy density in the universe remains one of the most telling examples of fine-tuning consistent with the idea of a supernatural Designer at work in the universe. Astronomers use type Ia supernovae to make that measurement. However, if type Ia supernovae have changed during the history of the universe, conclusions based on these supernovae are bound to be wrong. A team of international astronomers measured spectra from a large number of distant type Ia supernovae and compared the spectra to nearby type Ia supernovae. The team found no evidence to support the idea that the nature of these supernovae changed as the universe developed, thus strengthening the conclusion that space-energy density currently dominates the dynamics of the universe. The high degree of fine-tuning required by the space-energy density strongly implies that a supernatural Creator formed and maintains the universe.  

o   I. M. Hook et al., “Spectra of High-redshift Type Ia Supernovae and a Comparison with Their Low-redshift Counterparts,” Astronomical Journal 130 (2005): 2788-803.


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