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Common Cause for an Important Cosmological Probe

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A team of international scientists has helped establish the reliability of an important cosmological probe that also supports the validity of RTB’s cosmic creation model. Scientists’ best understanding of the universe’s expansion history derives from observations of type Ia supernovae (exploding stars) that require a roughly uniform brightness. Researchers used detailed spectra (ways of measuring energy) of many type Ia supernovae to compare the mechanisms responsible for the stellar explosions. Their results confirm that all type Ia supernovae explode via a common mechanism, thus strengthening astronomers’ confidence that these systems are “standard candles” useful for cosmological measurements. This conclusion also buttresses confidence in RTB’s cosmic creation model, which incorporates scientists’ best understanding of the universe’s history. 

o       Paolo A. Mazzali et al., “A Common Explosion Mechanism for Type Ia Supernovae,” Science 315 (2007): 825-28.


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