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Coastal Water Circulation Shows Design

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A team of oceanographers in Massachusetts has found additional evidence that supports the idea of a super-intelligent Designer. Ample nutrients in coastal waters are essential for marine life to thrive. While large outflows of seawater have been measured and inferred for coastal waters, sufficient inflow sources had not been found to balance the outflow. Measurements by the team of scientists showed that seawater is exchanged with coastal aquifers based on seasonal changes in water table elevation. The seasonal aspect of this exchange is important because water discharged from the aquifers will replenish the nutrients preferentially in summer when biological activity is at its maximum and river flow is at its minimum. These results again demonstrate the care of a supernatural Creator in preparing a planet capable of supporting abundant life. 

o   Holly A. Michael, Ann E. Mulligan, and Charles F. Harvey, “Seasonal Oscillations in Water Exchange Between Aquifers and the Coastal Ocean,” Nature 436 (2005): 1145-48.


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