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More confirmation of the big bang comes from the first-ever survey of the X-ray emissions of clusters of galaxies. If the biblical big bang model is correct, the dipole feature (one side of the universe measures hotter than the opposing side) in maps of the cosmic background radiation must be the result of our local group of galaxies being gravitationally tugged by a distant concentration of mass lying in the same general direction as the dipole feature of the cosmic background radiation. This conclusion was confirmed by an all-sky infrared survey (TNRTB December 1, 2003) and a survey of the velocities of distant galaxies. Now, additional confirmation comes from this initial X-ray emission survey. The survey not only demonstrates that a mass clustering lies in the same direction as the dipole feature in the cosmic background radiation but identifies the primary distant concentration of mass as the Shapley supercluster located about 340 million light years away. Since the Bible described the fundamental big bang characteristics of the universe thousands of years before any astronomer took notice, this big bang confirmation powerfully affirms the Christian faith.

     Dale D. Kocevski, Christopher R. Mullis, and Harald Ebeling, “The Dipole Anisotropy of the First All-Sky X-Ray Cluster Sample,” Astrophysical Journal 608 (2004): 721-30.


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