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Cloud Drop Charges

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A new discovery reveals more evidence for the supernatural design of Earth’s features for the benefit of advanced life. American atmospheric scientists measured an average of 80-90 negative or positive charges each for cloud droplets in the 10-26 microns size range for clouds floating high above Earth’s surface. Electrical charges of this magnitude would speed up how quickly droplets would merge to form raindrops large enough to fall as precipitation. The researchers determined that the high charges originate from vertical air movement at cloud boundaries. Consequently, for rainfall rates to be at the just-right levels for advanced life, the average electrical charge per cloud droplet must be fine-tuned, which in turn implies a fine-tuning of cloud boundary properties and the upper movement of air at such cloud boundaries. Such fine-tuning seems no accident of nature.

o   Kenneth V. Beard, Harry T. Ochs III, and Cynthia H. Twohy, “Aircraft Measurements of High Average Charges on Cloud Drops in Layer Clouds,” Geophysical Research Letters 31 (2004): L14111, doi:10.1029/2004GL020465.


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