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A team of American and European geologists and geophysicists has uncovered more evidence for the supernatural design of the masses and orbits of the solar system planets and for the moon for the benefit of advanced life. The team discovered that two of the most dramatic warming events during the past 100 million years correspond to maxima in the 405,000-year and 100,000-year eccentricity (ellipticity) cycles in Earth’s orbit that follow right after the prolonged minima in the 2.25-million-year eccentricity cycle. This discovery demonstrates that even very tiny changes in the eccentricity of Earth’s orbit can trigger dramatic events in deep-sea circulation, leading to methane-hydrate release that causes a huge warming spike in Earth’s climate. Thus, for advanced life to be possible on Earth the factors affecting changes in Earth’s eccentricity must all be exquisitely fine-tuned. These include the masses, orbital radii, orbital inclinations, and orbital eccentricities of the eight other solar system planets and the moon, plus any variations in their orbital inclinations and eccentricities. Even with such extraordinary fine-tuning, the timing of humanity’s arrival must also be fine-tuned for the human species to achieve a global high-technology civilization.

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