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Researchers have uncovered more evidence for the supernatural timing of humanity’s arrival in Earth’s history. Their work shows that the abundance of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere must be carefully fine-tuned to provide a climate suitable for global human civilization. Using cores from several deep sea drilling sites, the team established a record for the abundance of carbon dioxide over the past 45 million years. This record showed that the transition from a warm, ice-free Earth to a cooler Earth (with vast ice sheets covering Antarctica) correlated with a drop in atmospheric carbon dioxide from 1000-1500 parts per million down to the present 300 parts per million. This result demonstrates that carbon dioxide abundance must be carefully fine-tuned to provide a climate and sea level suitable for global human civilization and that the origin of humanity was timed for the perfect climatic moment in Earth’s history. The team’s study also shows that plant species using C4 photosynthesis suddenly arose to replace those using C3 photosynthesis when carbon dioxide levels rapidly dropped, suggesting the intervention of a supernatural Creator.

o   Mark Pagani et al., “Marked Decline in Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Concentrations During the Paleogene,” Science Express, 16 June 2005


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