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Birth of Languages

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A language study affirms the Bible’s account of the recent origin and spread of human civilization. A computer analysis of 87 languages and 2,449 cognate sets (related words descending from a common ancestor word) reveals that Indo-European languages diverged between 7,800 and 9,800 years ago somewhere in southeastern Turkey. This date and location are consistent with the birth of large-scale wheat and goat domestication, pottery technology, and commerce. The timing and location of these events also resonate with statements in Genesis regarding the birth and spread of human civilization.

Russell D. Gray and Quentin D. Atkinson, “Language-Tree Divergence Times Support the Anatolian Theory of Indo-European Origin,” Nature, 426 (2003), pp. 435-439; David B. Searls, “Trees of Life and Language,” Nature, 426 (2003), pp. 391-392, cgi-taf/DynaPage.taf?file=/nature/journal/v426/n6965/abs/nature02029_fs.html


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