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Biological Stirring of Oceans Reveals Long-standing Life

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Studies of ocean mixing reveal more evidence that Earth has been designed to sustain long-standing life. To maintain large-scale biological activity in the oceans and mediate CO2 exchange with the atmosphere, the deep and shallow waters must be continually mixed. Until recently, scientists believed that only physical, non-life-based processes were responsible for ocean mixing. But new measurements in a British Columbia coastal inlet demonstrate that krill ascending during dusk increased turbulence by three to four orders of magnitude. Further work suggests that biological organisms may account for up to half of the necessary deep-ocean mixing. Such intricate dependencies between biological and non-biological processes to maintain a productive biosphere are predicted in RTB’s creation model, in which a supernatural Designer works to prepare Earth for advanced life.

o   Eric Kunze et al., “Observations of Biologically Generated Turbulence in a Coastal Inlet,” Science 313 (2006): 1768-70.


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Subjects: Geophysical Design, Life Design

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