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Biological Modification of Earth’s Reflectivity

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A University of Arizona astronomer has found more evidence establishing the supernatural design of Earth for advanced life. He noted that Earth manifests an albedo (reflectivity) that is very unlike the albedos of the Moon, Mars, and Venus. The amount of light Earth reflects to space and especially the spectrum of that reflected light are distinct. The astronomer concludes that the most likely explanation for Earth’s unique albedo is the widespread vegetation on Earth’s surface. Since both light parameters must be exquisitely fine-tuned so that life can exist globally and abundantly on Earth’s surface, such fine-tuning implies that life itself must be finely tuned in terms of its type, its quantity, its timing, and its geographical distribution. Only a supernatural, superintelligent Creator could place just-right life forms in just-right quantities in just-right locations at just-right times so that Earth’s albedo always has just-right properties to provide the best possible environment for all life.

·         Neville J. Woolf, “What Is an Earth-Like Planet?” Abstract # 926, Abstracts of the Biennial Meeting of the NASA Astrobiology Institute, April 10-14, 2005, Astrobiology 5 (2005): 186-87.


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