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Biological Fine-Tuning

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A new design feature in living systems provides more evidence for intelligent design. A biologist noted that metabolic rates are universally fixed (metabolic rate scales as the ¾ power of the mass) across the living spectrum—from individual molecular reactions up to the largest of organisms. This fine-tuning observation demonstrates that a fundamental design principle must underlie the structure, function, and organization of biological systems. In other words, there must be severe constraints on the ways that biological systems can be designed. The lack of design options for life makes naturalistic explanations for life even more unlikely than they already are.

Geoffrey West, “Towards a Quantitative Unifying Theory of Biological Structure, Function, and Organization,”  Workshop on Fine-Tuning in Living Systems, St. George’s House, Windsor Castle, UK: September 1-3, 2002 as reported by B. J. Carr and M. J. Rees, “Fine-Tuning in Living Systems,” International Journal of Astrobiology, 2 (2003), pp. 79-86.


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