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Big Bang Passes Another Test

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Observations of galaxy formation in the early universe validate predictions of big bang cosmology and thereby further confirm RTB’s cosmic creation model. After the universe expanded and cooled from the creation event for about one billion years, the stars and galaxies that formed caused the intergalactic hydrogen to be reionized (stripped of its electrons). Apart from making the universe more transparent, this reionization should have suppressed formation of dwarf galaxies. Astronomers confirmed this prediction by detecting the dwarf galaxy suppression. Additionally, astronomers now predict that the galaxies causing the reionization will be discovered at an even earlier epoch. These results demonstrate the validity of RTB’s model by confirming previous predictions and directing future research. 

o   J. Stuart B. Wyithe and Abraham Loeb, “Suppression of Dwarf Galaxy Formation by Cosmic Reionization,” Nature 441 (2006): 322-24.


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