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Big Bang, Biblical Cosmic Creation

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The big bang—and biblical cosmic creation—passed a new test. A cosmic model where universal expansion from a big bang creation event produces a home for life predicts that the universe must manifest an increasing abundance of metals. New measurements on distant “Lyman-alpha systems” (huge concentrations of neutral gas) establishes that an age-metallicity relationship indeed does exist in the universe, making life possible on Earth.

Jason X. Prochaska, et al, “The Age-Metallicity Relation of the Universe in Neutral Gas: The First 100 Damped Lyα Systems,” Astrophysical Journal Letters, 595 (2003), pp. L9-L12; Y.-Z. Qian and G. W. Wasserburg, “Hierarchical Structure Formation and Chemical Evolution of Damped Lyα Systems,” Astrophysical Journal Letters, 596 (2003), pp. L9-L12.


RTB articles: Hugh Ross, “Predictive Power: Confirming Cosmic Creation,” Facts for Faith, quarter 2, 2002, issue 9, pp. 32-39; Hugh Ross, “A Beginner’s—and Expert’s—Guide to the Big Bang,” Facts for Faith, quarter 3, 2000, issue 3, pp. 14-32.

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